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At its core, Exhibid is a dating app putting artworks and art lovers together.

Starting from the philosophy that finding the right artwork is like finding a soulmate, Exhibid uses dating app metaphor and mechanisms to get artworks and art lovers together, unhindered by restrictive, gate-keeping channels like galleries and curatorial processes.

Exhibid finds the user’s current city, and randomly serves up all the artworks uploaded from that area. The user then browses through the artworks, rejecting artworks (by swiping left), and adding artworks to their favourites (by swiping right).

The user is also able to bid immediately by swiping down, or from their Liked list.

Once an art lover finds an artwork they would like to purchase, they will simply swipe down to place a bid on the work. The artist then gets notified that someone has made a bid and will then accept the amount or reject if they feel it is too low.

If the artist rejects the bid, the buyer can adjust the bid amount and try again.

Once the artist accepts, the app gets them together and they can arrange to meet, get the artwork, and use the app to pay.

Unlike many other art apps; websites and galleries, Exhibid does not have a minimum or reserve price. Rather, we prefer the democratic idea of letting the public drive the price.

The buyer makes an offer, and leaves it up to the artist to accept or reject it.

Yes, you can browse other cities by tapping the ‘Discover’ button in the main menu. You will not be able to bid in a different city but you can add items to your favourites, or reject artworks that don’t suit you.

When browsing through artworks, a user can:

  • Swipe right to add to favourites.
  • Swipe left to reject the artwork (and never, EVER see it again).
  • Swipe down to bid (not available in ‘Discover’ mode).

Exhibid can be used on both Android and iOS. Simply download from the Play Store for Android or iStore for iOS.

Yes, the app uses your current location via the GPS function on your device.

This functionality is currently on our wish list. Right now, this can only be done via the app.

Discover mode allows the user to view artworks in other cities where artworks have been uploaded. This feature only allows viewing so bidding will not be possible.

No, both artists and art lovers follow the same process. A buyer could very well be an artist.

At the moment no, but this feature is on our wish list.

They are organized completely at random; no preference is given to any artist or artwork.

No, but this feature is also on our wish list.

This is because no new artworks have been uploaded in your city. Spread the word to see new work!

1. Tap on the menu on the top right of the screen shown by three lines.
2. Tap the “Register” option.
3. Ensure you have selected an appropriate Alias on the top of the screen and that you have read and accepted our terms and conditions.
4. Tap “Submit” on the bottom left of your screen.
5. Enter the remaining details for your account.
6. Finalize your registration.

If you want to be an artist, you need to enter your banking details to your profile:

7. Go to the menu
8. Tap the “My Profile” option
9. Enter your banking details in the space provided
10. You are all setup and good to go!
11. Add/View/Customise your art by going the the “My Artwork” menu option

Simply head into the “My Profile” menu option and edit the information you would like to change. Happy browsing!

If you want to purchase a piece of art, just hit the “bid” button that is highlighted on the bottom centre of your screen with the hammer icon and follow the instructions that follow. If you have not yet added your banking details and the purchase requires it, then just head to your profile in the menu on the top right and enter your banking details in the fields provided.

Yes, you can! Your bid was rejected because the artist was not happy with it. Adjust your bid amount and try again.

No, Exhibid uses 3-D Secure and Paygate which promises trustworthy online payments.

Simply hit the “bid” button on the bottom of the art you would like to purchase and follow the instructions. Wait for your payment to be processed and then you are all done!

*Note* - you and the artist will have to be within a certain range of eachother before the transaction will be finalized.

You and the artist will be in contact through the Exhibid application. You will be directed with each transaction by the artist. They are on the GPS map of the application to ensure you are not being scammed. Purchases will be finalized once you are within a certain range of the Artist.

You and the artist will need to meet so that you can collect your artwork. As with any app or system that puts you in contact with a stranger, safety is key! Make sure that you arrange to meet in a public place at a sensible time.

You can flag the artist on the app. The artist will then be automatically removed from the system.

You can flag any item in the app. The artwork will then be reviewed and then possibly removed.

In the dropdown menu on the top right of your screen, click the “My Artworks” option to view your art and at the bottom of that screen you will see an “upload art” option. Use this to add new artwork to your list.

This is done in the “My Artworks” menu from the list on the top right of your screen. You can add and/or remove art from your current listings within this menu.

Once someone has purchased one of your pieces of art, your money will be directly transferred to your account. You banking details are set in “My Profile” in the menu at the top of your screen.

Purchases work the same regardless of who you are. Simply hit the “bid” button on the bottom-middle of the artwork you would like to purchase, follow the instrustions and you are good to go!

*Note* - you and the artist will have to be within a certain range of eachother before the transaction will be finalized.

Any tangible, ‘real’ artworks can be submitted. Exhibid doesn’t current support digital artworks. Photographic prints are acceptable unless it is a limited edition.

And, of course, you also have to be the owner/legal agent of the artwork.

Once the artwork has been uploaded and accepted, the photo will automatically centre on the screen. Unfortunately at this stage you cannot edit the photo if taken from the app. This function is also on our wish list.

We are aware of this and it is something we’re working on.

Please be patient and check your notifications. Spread the word about Exhibid. The more people that use the app, the more bids will come in!

All artworks will ‘drop off’ after a period of 2 weeks. You can keep it active by clicking on the ‘Refresh’ button under ‘My Artworks’. Alternatively, it can be resubmitted.

We know that this feels like a lot of extra work, but it’s our way of keeping the database free of ‘deadwood’.

You can flag the buyer on the app. The art buyer will then be automatically removed from the system.

There are no reserve prices as the market and art lovers will dictate. Remember you can reject any bid you believe is too low.

The Exhibid Fund is part of a socially aware marketing strategy where the fund provides purses of R1500 available to any artist that has an upcoming exhibition.

The funds can be used for hiring fees for the venue; framing; refreshments for the opening night etc.
In return, all the artist has to do is promote Exhibid.

  • The artist must have a minimum of 15 artworks uploaded on Exhibid.
  • The exhibition should take place within 3 calendar months from application.
  • All necessary forms to be completed in full.

  • The Exhibid logo is to be placed on all promotional material.
  • All posts on social media of the opening night to be tagged #exhibid and #exhibidfund.
  • Exhibid promotional material (i.e. standing feathers) to be displayed at the venue on the opening night.
  • Optional – the artist wears an Exhibid t-shirt on the opening night.

Yes, as long as all the artists fulfil the requirements listed above.

Yes, all promotional materials received from the artist/s will be sent to Exhibids affiliates as well as posted on all Exhibids social media pages.